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Sam & Harry’s: Discovering a New Favorite at Chicago Northwest Restaurant Week

In my quest of discovering my new favorite places to go during Chicago Northwest Restaurant week (February 24-March 5, 2017), I found a restaurant that was literally right under my nose. (Or maybe I should say it was right under my bed.)

I’m sure anyone who has heard of Schaumburg has either been to or seen the HUGE convention center that is part of the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel (1551 N. Thoreau). The funny thing is that I was just here last year for a Scrapbook Convention. (The funny part is the coincidence that I was just here…not that I go to craft conventions. PS Don’t tease scrapbook ladies because they’ll take you out!)

What I didn’t know while I was here was where to go to eat. Did you know there is a GORGEOUS restaurant called Sam & Harry’s right there on the premises? Located just steps away from where you would check in for your room at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel is a window encased restaurant that made me feel like I was just transported to a different world. (It was sort of a Dorothy in Oz moment.)

Continue to Felt Like A Foodie’s blog for the entire Sam & Harry’s feature.

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