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Chef Vince’s Zeal: Discovering a New Favorite at Chicago Northwest Restaurant Week

This is it….my last post for my preview of Chicago Northwest Restaurant week (February 24-March 5, 2017). Technically, the event is 10 days so you will have a lot more time to add on to your own list of places you want to go. (Click here to see all of the participating restaurants.)

The last place I want to preview for you, Chef Vince’s Zeal (680 Mall Drive, Schaumburg, IL) felt more like I didn’t discover a new restaurant but that I found a long lost family member…who knows how to cook really well…and has a restaurant.

Chef Vince’s Zeal had the magic of taking old school Italian classics and mixing them with a little innovation and a lot of love. (You’ve gotta have the love!)

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