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Pack up the kids and head to @Arlington_Park for some fun in the sun today!

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Shaw's Daily Happy Hour



So excited to announce our happy hour is now NOT just for oyster lovers! We’ll have other food items and cocktails made to order! Everyday from 4-6 pm.


Happi Hour


Urban Dictionary Definition
Where the drinks that sell the least and taste the worst are sold at half price to a bunch of people too drunk to notice!
Join us at tokio pub everyday from 4 to 6pm where select food items in red on our menu and all cocktails, pub mixers, beer, wines and sake by the glass will be 1/2 price.  Cheers!

Festival of Flight

A 20-minute engaging, interactive show offered daily that features a variety of birds from around the world demonstrating free-flight natural behavior. The shows, which are FREEĀ and located west of Tropic World, also feature audience participation.

Festival of Flight features nearly 20 species of birds, including the hooded vulture, black-crowned crane, red-tailed hawk, harpy eagle, umbrella cockatoo, and more (see list below).

The birds are trained by internationally renowned animal behaviorist, Steve Martin and senior trainer, Jose Bello, who will host the show at Brookfield Zoo.

List of Birds Scheduled to Appear

Abyssinian ground hornbill
Southern ground hornbill
Black crowned crane
blue throated macaw
Scarlet macaw
Blue-throated macaw
Harris hawk
Red tailed hawk
Red-legged seriema
Jersey giant rooster and hen
Trumpeter hornbill
Umbrella cockatoo*
Palm cockatoo*
Hooded vulture
Black vulture*
Yellow-headed vulture*
Collared raven
Pied crow
Eurasian eagle owl
Harpy eagle
Juvenile bald eagle*
Double yellow-headed Amazon parrot
Amazon parrot
Kea parrot

*Tentatively scheduled